Meet Audrey, founder of NOTD, a vibrant individual who embarked on a transformative journey after becoming a mother in 2019. Living in New York before marriage, Audrey shared the common interests of fashion, trend-following, and nail art with many women of her generation. Almost every week or two, she visited her favorite nail salon, where she would indulge in her preferred nail designs.

After a decade in New York, Audrey moved to Pennsylvania, bringing with her the joys and challenges of motherhood. Adjusting to her new environment, she began the search for nearby nail salons. Despite trying numerous new salons and technicians, she spent the past three to four years without finding the satisfaction she once had. The post-pandemic era further exacerbated the issue, with nail salon prices skyrocketing. In 2019, a nail appointment cost around $50, but by 2022, the price had inflated to around $120.

Gone were the days of spontaneous visits to nail salons. Audrey found herself burdened with making appointments, finding parking, and dedicating a significant chunk of time—around four hours—to each visit. The nail designs had become monotonous, limited to basic single-color applications. Occasionally, Audrey would search online for unique designs, only to face a series of disappointments when she attempted to replicate them in reality.

A turning point came during a family trip to Japan in the winter of 2022. Audrey decided to experience Japanese nail art, and she was astounded by the technicians' exceptional skill and speed. The result was nothing short of artistic masterpieces adorning her fingers. The beauty was so captivating that Audrey was hesitant to remove them upon her return. This experience marked the end of her visits to local nail salons, as their services no longer justified the high costs.

The pursuit of beautiful nails led Audrey to explore press-on nails—a popular trend in Asia that was largely absent in the US. Unimpressed by the tedious application process that involved messy glues, she sought a solution. After experimenting with various products and consulting multiple experts, she discovered solid adhesive solutions that made wearing nails effortless, neat, and secure. With this newfound convenience, Audrey started introducing press-on nails and the revolutionary adhesive to her friends, providing them with the freedom to express their personalities through their nails.

Audrey observed that many mothers, like herself, had let go of nail care due to time constraints. The responsibilities of childcare, work, and personal upkeep left little room for self-indulgence. The concept of spending 3 to 4 hours at a nail salon, along with the added time for removal, was deemed a luxury for those juggling various responsibilities.

This realization sparked a vision in Audrey. She aimed to share the convenience and beauty of press-on nails with all women, regardless of their roles in life. With determination, she embarked on a journey to source the best suppliers, stay attuned to fashion trends, and recreate celebrity-inspired nail designs. Audrey's goal was clear—to revolutionize the nail industry's efficiency and redefine the concept of accessible beauty.

In Audrey's eyes, every woman deserved to experience the convenience and confidence that press-on nails could bring to their lives. With her passion and innovative spirit, she embarked on a mission to empower women to express their individuality and embrace their beauty effortlessly. Through her journey, Audrey has reminded us all that beauty should never be compromised by time constraints.