I suffered from postpartum depression, and for over half a year or even longer after giving birth, I was in an extremely poor mental state. There was a period of time when my husband hid all the sharp objects in the house out of fear that I might do something foolish. After undergoing some medication treatments, it seemed like I was no longer depressed. As my child grew up, I also transitioned into the role of a stay-at-home mom. The rapid change in roles made me feel very uncomfortable. I used to love strolling through SEPHORA, but later on, I wouldn't even step inside. A sophisticated New York City girl turned into a suburban housewife overnight.

  As I write this piece, I've been working continuously for 30 days straight without a single day off. Through this period of effort, I've rediscovered the motivation and confidence to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Working in the store every day, interacting with customers, I thoroughly enjoy this social aspect and have met many accomplished women from various walks of life, as well as some new moms. When I see those moms with young children, it's like looking at my younger self from a few years ago. But now, I observe them as an outsider, and regardless of their roles – whether they are young girls, mothers, working women, or middle-aged individuals – they all have a desire to look beautiful. I'm more than willing to provide them a platform to enhance their beauty.

  However, during my observations, I've noticed one detail: "The Husband." I've seen over 20 moms cradling newborns while choosing nail colors, and their husbands standing nearby, rolling their eyes and showing impatience. This leaves me with a touch of sadness. I often tell my clients and friends that lipstick is for others to see, while manicures are for us to admire ourselves. A beautiful set of nails can change my entire mood for the day. Women sacrifice so much for childbirth, with physical changes and the exhaustion that comes with it, it's easy for us to neglect ourselves. New moms, in particular, really need to find that sense of beauty from small things. I am still the same person I used to be, just with a little baby added to the equation. In reality, once most women become mothers, nail care often becomes something they do occasionally when they go out for fun or have some spare time. Men, on the other hand, rarely experience this in the same way.

  Of course, I don't want to generalize all men. I've also encountered many thoughtful fathers who support their wives and daughters in their nail care routines or take their sons to LEGO stores to spend quality time together. My intention is simply to encourage men to empathize with why women invest in things like nail care and eyelash enhancements, by putting themselves in women's shoes and understanding the significance of these small self-care gestures.

  Well, enough said, we have officially entered the Fall season, holidays are around the corner, and Mariah Carey is defrosting. To all the men out there, if you still don't know what gift to get for your wife, please read the above article again. If one time isn’t enough, read it three more times.

Author, Audrey Dvorsky

Founder of NOTD